Holography, Perception and Creativity

Watch this short video and see if you can figure out how this holographic display works:

Now, here is another video that explains how it works along with another demonstration:

And here’s a link the manufacturer’s site: https://kino-mo.com

This technology underscores three important aspects of the human mind:
– Your mind interprets the world and tells you a story. You don’t see the blades spinning rapidly. Instead, you perceive a holographic image.
– Even though you know that the surface is comprised of miniature blades you still can’t see them. Likewise, your mind tells you all sorts of crazy things, sometimes counterproductive. For example, when you’re feeling down there may be nothing wrong. And sometimes when you discover that nothing is amiss you feel better. But all too often, like the blades, you still don’t feel better knowing that nothing is wrong.
– Creativity can come from exploiting perception.

How can you take advantage of this knowledge?