Ask people what they don’t want to do.

I believe that most people waste most of the time they spend working. They could easily not work half of a day, if in the other half of the day they only do the things that should be done. And they’ll be just as productive as working a full day.

There are many reasons why we waste time.

If you want to stop wasting time, start by asking people what they’re doing that they don’t want to do. And then don’t do it. Don’t even think too much about it unless you feel strongly about it.

For example, if people say the form they have to fill out to request a day off is a waste of time then stop doing it.

If people say that putting safety goggles on while working in a factory is waste of time, well, you might want to think about that one.

When is the last time you asked the people around you what it is that they don’t like doing? Usually these things are a waste of time.