Being reasonable about negative reviews of your business

  • People have to realize that the majority of consumers aren’t scouring twitter to read every flippant, irrational tirade. And even if they are, they won’t automatically indict the business. We have to put the problem into perspective.
  • There are sites that can impact customer perception, sites like yelp and trip advisor. It’s important to know what percentage of customers are influenced by sites like this. It’s not 100% and it’s not 0%.
  • Once the remarks are made, it’s too late to do something about it. Cease and desist orders are a waste of time. Be proactive.
  • Being proactive means deciding the type of relationship you want to have with customers. If your edge is discount prices, you aren’t going to have the margin to support making every customer happy. Realize if you have conflicting business goals.
  • The purpose of business is to satisfy customers. If you’re upsetting people, change your business. Once customers are happy they’ll be raving instead of ranting.