Believe me, let it go

It’s easy on social media these days, Facebook especially, to encounter inflammatory content.

How often do you read inane things in your news feed?

How often do you react, filled with contempt?

When you do react, chances are you just perpetuate content that will fall into the hands of yet another person that will be bothered.

I just caught myself about to do it today. I was incensed. Fortunately, I didn’t say something right away and instead asked myself what I hoped to gain.

I found that I didn’t have a reason, nothing I hoped to gain. But, I was nonetheless compelled.

So, I sat back and took in my emotions as I let my certainty fizzle. I found myself frustrated. Frustrated because I felt like I was “right” and yet wasn’t allowed to speak up.

I felt silenced, by myself!

But I’m happy now, not to have contributed to sending someone else off the edge.

We all react in rash ways, it’s really easy to do online. Here’s a rule you might want to consider adding to your repertoire:

If you find yourself feeling emotional, whilst wanting to respond to something online, perhaps also in life, take a moment and ask yourself what you hope to gain. If you find a reason, then ask if what you have to say will accomplish said purpose.

Likely you’ll find yourself frustrated at first, but happy after all.