Blindspot – Awareness is Enough

What you’re aware of is comforting. And what you’re not aware of is often scary, at first.

Say for example you realize that the way you’re managing a team of people isn’t working out. You have a tendency to want to control every minor detail.

You might become aware of this problem at some point in time. And you’ll be rather startled by your awareness. Unfortunately, more often than not, simply being aware results in the problem fading to the background.

It’s no longer jolting and well, you assume that you’re now aware of it so if it happens again, micromanaging people, you’ll put a stop to it because you’re now aware of it.

That’s why nothing often changes because you might know it is a problem but it no longer disturbs you when you recognize it because you’ve become familiar with it. So silently, nothing changes.

This is one of a myriad of emotional blindspots.