Buy a starting point

These days a solid criticism of Amazon is that they simply have too many choices. Consequently, it can be hard to decide what to get when you have hundreds and even thousands of choices for any given type of product.

Type “grabber” into Amazon’s search box. There’s no way to look at every option.

Just pick one that seems good as a starting point. Especially if something is cheap. Whatever you define as cheap of course.

A grabber is a $10 purchase, it’s not worth five hours of research. Use simple criteria and hit buy on the first match. You need a grabber, not the best one.

If it’s garbage, send it back.

Otherwise, use it. And before you know it, the flaws–if any–will become patently obvious. If they’re big enough flaws then you know what you need. You know what to type into the search box, what filters to set.

Buy a second the same way. Just pick one, use it and repeat.

If you’re like me, 99% of the time the first one will suffice.