Disturbed by Disturbances 

Last night when I was getting in bed I pulled the covers aside and accidentally threw them on top of Pax, she was already asleep. 

I felt bad so I quickly climbed into bed and pulled the covers off of her, onto me. 

She barely flinched when the covers landed on top of her. 

Every day people bump into us, they accidentally throw covers on us. Yet when people do it to each other they often end up in a squabble.

Pax has never lashed out at me, she barely flinches. 

I would never hurt her, she knows that. And likewise, when she decides to climb over me to get on the couch, even if she steps where the sun doesn’t shine, at worst I laugh.

Why don’t humans do the same? Why do we lash out at the smallest of inconveniences? 

After all even with the best of intentions we are going to bump into each other from time to time. Both physically and emotionally.

What can we do then to change how we react when the inevitable disturbance occurs. Can we learn to laugh it off like we do with dogs?