Do things the way you want to 

If you’re stuck on something, it’s using up much of your time… Sometimes you’re just not allowing yourself to do it another way because you feel like you’re not permitted. If that’s the case, why not try breaking the rules? 
For example, I can take the subway to get to the airport, or an Uber. I might not let myself take an Uber because I feel it’s wasteful. Maybe I feel this way because one time my spouse berated me for wasting money on video games and I project that to transportation. But if I haven’t talked to my spouse about this, then it’s just my own rule of thumb. Perhaps times were tough and that’s when money mattered more. Now if times aren’t as tough, or if something else matters (perhaps punctuality) then it might make more sense to use Uber. And I have to free myself from my own prison. 
Chances are the simpler way is one of the right ways, just a different right way that you need to give yourself permission to try. 
Chances are you’re your only critic.