Expertise is developed one step at a time

As I’ve said before experience is not a sign of expertise.

The difference between someone with 10 years of experience and someone with expertise is a matter of repetition versus gradual refinement.

There’s no secret to expertise. It’s not an innate characteristic. It’s something that is developed.

The easiest way to develop expertise is to improve a little bit each day.

If you’re a barista, you might try one of your drinks each day. You might find something that you like about that drink or don’t like about that drink, and look for a way to improve upon it. You might experiment with several new techniques and taste the result until you find the improvement that tastes the best.

The other crucial component is to target the improvement at the desired expertise.

If you want to become a skilled barista. You won’t spend your day learning a new way to change a car’s oil.

If you make a small improvement each day, for a year, your expertise will skyrocket.