Help yourself

Take a look at the things you do day in and day out to help others improve the work they do.

What skills are involved?

What are the typical outcomes you help people achieve?

List three things you would like to improve about the work you do, that would have a measurable impact:

Are any of these improvements similar to the things you help other people accomplish?

If not, can you think of a couple of ways you could leverage your expertise to improve the work you do:

Paradoxically, many of us fail to leverage our expertise to help ourselves. For example, people that help others use technology but don’t invest in technology to improve the work they do. Or, an insurance agent that forgets to buy insurance for their own business. Or, a medical worker that takes cigarette breaks while caring for patients with emphysema.

Excuses aside. Isn’t it about time you invest in improving yourself? Especially if it’s something you already do for others. These should be some of the easiest investments to make.