Indecisiveness is a lack of belief 

We don’t act based on data and reason, we act based on how we feel. Feelings are a function of beliefs. So if you can’t decide how to act, it’s because you have yet to adopt a belief to guide your feelings one way over another(s).

For example, if you are shopping for a new cell phone and you can’t decide what provider to go with, say you have Sprint,  Verizon and T-Mobile on the table. 

If you’re vacillating, it’s because you don’t know what matters to you. 

If you believe you need the fastest network, then you naturally go with Verizon. 

If you believe Sprint is within 1% then you go with Sprint.

If you don’t need a Cadillac to get to work then you go with TMobile.

Let’s not feign nonsense about actually gathering data to make a decision. Even if you did you’d be biased by beliefs, including marketing at a minimum. 

And if you did collect the data by running double blind scientific studies you’d nullify any possible benefit, of one network over another, by the sheer amount of money and time it’d take to truly come to an unbiased conclusion.
See that’s the thing about emotions, and thus beliefs, they give us tools to confidently and rapidly assess situations  that otherwise are too costly to accurately assess. And the ability to make a decision without regret.

Unless you choose to doubt your beliefs.