Loss is not inevitable

In life there are countless times where something happens and we feel threatened as a result. This can lead us to rash reactions that aren’t productive for anyone, ourselves included.

For example, a company I partner with is changing their strategic focus. This will have an impact on me because I’m a partner. I could see this as a threat and plan to pack my bags. Or, as I did, I immediately scribbled down three ways this could be advantageous to me.

We can mope about the unfortunate circumstances and plan our retaliation. Or, we can look for opportunities.

In change, there are always threats and opportunities. What you focus on will dictate how you’re affected. There’s only so much time in the day to worry about keeping things the way they are, why not look to what could be even better?

Writing down three things has led to subsequent thoughts that already show promise to boost my fortunes and those of my partner. I’m excited instead of fearful.

As you have subsequent thoughts you will realize that change avails new perspective(s) that can spur creativity to overcome obstacles due to stagnation.

An opportunity seeking mentality obviates the adage: “All good things must come to an end.” With this, not only will you not fear change when it arrives, but you won’t anticipate fear of losing the status quo you’ve worked so hard to attain.