Speak up for the people that are waiting to talk to you

Tonight while I was working out I was using a machine for a while. I like to do about 12 sets on leg press and lounge between sets. 

Anyways, I noticed somebody looked like they were interested in using the machine I was using. 

Between sets I noticed that they kept moving a little bit closer and checking to see if I was done.

They didn’t speak up, but they were  about ten feet away so when I got done with my next set I turned around and asked if they wanted to work in. 

We alternated and helped each other change out the plates. And at the end he thanked me and I thanked him for helping with my weights. 

In life, sometimes we really want to interrupt someone else because we need or want something. That can be frustrating while we patiently wait our turn. 

If you pay attention though, you’ll find other people waiting. Like yourself at times, trapped in a prison of their own making. One that you can liberate them from by speaking up for them. And perhaps sharing what it is that you have that they want.

I find these opportunities most rewarding, to make everyone happy. 

Who is waiting to ask you a question? 

Can you ask it for them and help them along?