Technology will never solve weight loss

Smart Plate is yet another company building technological solutions to a problem that technology can’t solve.

The menu at McDonald’s has the calorie count and yet we still have a country full of obese people. It’s not knowledge of food composition that’s the problem.

Eating well is about motivation, not a lack of technology and not a lack of knowledge.

This is why it’s a great idea to vet your ideas before you execute. This company shouldn’t even exist and it’ll only exist so long as gullible people fall prey to the same flawed thinking of the founders of Smart Plate.

I hear people complain about evil corporations all the time. Sadly that’s not the problem. Most of the time it’s just a lack of due diligence in using one’s brain to not execute on bad ideas. And on the part of consumers that are so desperate they dump a bunch of money on something that will never help them.