The most important characteristic of managing your time

Whatever you do to manager your time, the most important mechanism you need is the mechanism to reject what you should not do. Many people obsess over tracking what they should do and fail because they just don’t realize what they need is a means to let ideas die, not to ensure the ideas come to fruition.

How do you organize yourself so that ideas can die?

I’ve evolved how I track what I want to do, but I’ve noticed a consistency is the need to let go of ideas. Currently, I have monthly folders for long term scheduling. If I don’t plan to do something in the next week, it usually goes into the monthly folder. That way I don’t look at it but once a month at most. Once a month I see all my hair-brained ideas. Most of which I can’t stand to contemplate and send right to the shredder. Sometimes I feel the folders don’t serve much purpose, then I’m reminded that while they don’t often remind me of what I need to do, they work well to keep me from doing what I should not do.