The Smart Home revolution is dwarfing the cell phone revolution

Smart Assistants and Smart Home products are the next revolution. For those of us that are willing to try new things, we’re already noticing a different reality. One that dwarfs the changes that the cell phone ushered in.

Life is different when your house adapts to you. When you have light profiles for the time of day, for your mood, for what you’re doing (movie, music, work, etc).

When you cover all the switches in your house because you solely use motion sensors + light sensors + time of day to decide what lights should come on.

Life is different when you wake up to a dog that’s having an allergic reaction and is spasming on the bed. When you say “Siri turn on all the lights” and the whole house is lit. That’s a different reality.

Or, you wake up and you have to pee and you run to the bathroom while Hue detects your motion and immediately lights up just your path.

When you say “Hey Siri play kiesza hideaway, everywhere” and it just works. That’s magic.

When you say “Hey Siri send a text message to Jonathan” or “read me my messages” or “call so and so”

Or, “Alexa set a timer”… or “Alexa open audible” and she resumes the book you’re listening to so you can listen for 10 minutes while you’re making breakfast or lunch

Or, “Alexa reorder hot dog buns” and she puts the ones you got last time into your Amazon Fresh cart.

Or, “Alexa reorder my thermos” and two days later it arrives

Or, you feel hot but you’re not sure if it’s just you so you say “Hey Siri what’s the temperature in the living room”, “bedroom”, etc

Or, “Hey Siri did I leave the sliding door open” and you get back “sliding door is closed”

Or, Google Home soon will be able to make reservations for you

Or, it’s bed time and you say “turn off all the lights” and it just happens…

More is coming, this is the beginning, and it’s going to change the world more than anything I think we’ve seen in the last few decades.

Oh and if you have privacy concerns, get over it. Or, if you can’t decide which assistant to get, get them all.