What do you want to see

Jonathan downloaded an app that tells us when there’s a crime happening nearby.

At first it was interesting to hear about the crazy things that happen, like a report of someone being hit with a clock. 

How that works, I’m not sure. 

Yesterday we were at the park walking Pax, she was looking for squirrels but sadly found none. Nonetheless it was a great way to wind up the week. We usually do long walks on Friday evening. 

Toward the end of the walk Jonathan commented about how much he loves our neighborhood, how the park was a relief because all the crime reports had him worried. 

The park was one resounding good thing  amidst all the crime reports. 

It’s fascinating that what you look at markedly impacts your happiness. 

After some discussion we both agreed it would be good to ditch the app, afterall there’s crime everywhere. There’s also a lot of good in this neighborhood and it would be better to focus on that. 

The reality that you experience is a function of what you look at. If you look just at the bad, things will appear perilous. And there’s always something bad happening.

There’s also always something good happening. More good than bad in the world. 

So, how do you want to feel? Then, what should  you look at to feel that way?