Why We Should Know Our Customer’s Customer

Customer interactions are often kept far away from IT staff. Demand for IT to deliver value directly to customers is changing that.

As our staff begins to interact with our customers they’ll start building rapport. Over enough time this rapport can mature into a profound trust. Customers will open up to having staff interact directly with their customers.

This new perspective holds trans-formative power for an organization. Not only is our staff no longer blind to the impact they have on customers, they now have the ability to engineer an impact on our customer’s customer!

If our staff is empowered to act upon this information, they can optimize what they create to maximize the customer’s ability to deliver value to their customers!

Traditionally these interactions were possible but limited to a few in upper management, an intermediary, or another segment of the organization. Once we allow our entire staff to interact with customers, the frequency of these interactions will increase exponentially.

The more we know about our customer’s customer, the more likely we are to create true value and be successful.