You don’t know what you’re doing.

What you want to accomplish matters, how is irrelevant, it’s a minor detail.

Certainty about HOW can’t come before certainty about WHAT. So, if you’re certain about how you’ll do things, but you don’t feel certain about what the outcome should be, that means you have no idea WHAT you’re doing. And it’s probably too late to do much about it because now you’re dead set on HOW to proceed.

Embrace your uncertainty about HOW to proceed as long as possible to keep HOW from biasing WHAT.

When people travel in NYC, they have biases about how to travel. Some people swear by the train, likely because it appears to be the cheapest means of transportation. Others swear by Uber, likely because it appears to be luxurious.

It’s funny when people, who are biased toward the train, get done with a shopping spree only to lug ten bags onto a crowded train. They just spent $400 shopping and don’t bother to think about spending a few extra bucks to grab a private taxi.

It’s funny when people, who are biased toward Uber, are in a hurry and yet don’t think to take the train during rush hour. Instead they spend an hour waiting in gridlock and have to profusely apologize for being half an hour late, when they could’ve been early if they considered the train.

You should learn to embrace certainty in WHAT and uncertainty in HOW.