Your confession isn’t necessary

Any successful crook doesn’t fess up until they’re confronted with evidence and even then maybe not.

The rest of us tend to confess prematurely.

For example, when walking down the stairs tonight I ran across a newer neighbor in the stairwell.

She had two dogs.

Before I could register who she was, she apologized for apparently having a second dog.

She needed to reassure me that it was a temporary foster, not long term. As if she felt certain I was going to tattle.

If she hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have noticed. And you wouldn’t know about it either.

We all tend to fess up because we think that every passing person is clairvoyant of our every waking moment. This is what I call the Center of the Universe Bias.

Most of the time, most people don’t even notice what you’re wearing let alone what you’re thinking.

You’re not that important, nor have you been caught red-handed. So shhhh already!