DevOps is a fad

DevOps is nothing new, the term may be new, but the ideas aren’t. Cross functional teams, limiting WIP, these aren’t new. I have books collecting dust from the mid to late 20th century describing similar organizational and management philosophies.

If you think you’ve struck gold, then it’s time to check your premises. Likely you’re just riding a wave of vapid enthusiasm while the problems you face persist.

And you should certainly see if you’re using the buzz word without even embracing the ideas behind it. There’s nothing as fruitless as rebranding existing organizational structures–often isolated departments for dev and operations. Unless of course you just want to convince yourself you’re doing something new when nothing has changed.

If you want to improve how you work, you start with how you work. What isn’t working well? And then you find a way to fix/improve it. Don’t just say, oh, DevOps, let’s do that.