Everything happens for an opportunity

Today, in the midst of an unfortunate event, a new friend and I found something good come out of something bad. I blurted “there’s probably a reason why we met today.” But I caught myself and corrected myself. Instead I said “No, there was an opportunity.” As we were working through the difficult situation I was determined to make something positive out of it. I believe my friend was too.

I don’t know that either of us were deliberate about it. Nonetheless, something good came from something bad. And it wasn’t because there was a reason. There was an opportunity and we seized it.

Instead of thinking someone has designed a bad situation for us to learn from, what if we look for the opportunity in a bad situation? What if we seek to make something good of it? Could we indeed be the one that brings the purpose, in the moment? The same purpose that we’ll reflect upon afterward and posit “there’s a reason why.” Or better yet, “there was an opportunity and we made the best of it.”