Imagination Quiesces Anxiety

Quite often the paltry concern that comes to mind is the exact opposite of what you should be worried about.

For example, when you’re selling something and nobody is buying, ostensibly it seems that the price is too high. Otherwise, why aren’t people buying?

But, what else might be the reason why your product isn’t selling?

How about:
– Maybe the price is too low?!
– Maybe you forgot to put a price on it?
– Maybe nobody knows that it exists?
– Maybe people did buy it and the system lost their order?
– Maybe nobody knows that you exist?
– Maybe people don’t know what it does?
– Maybe people tried to buy and the system failed?
– Maybe you have the wrong picture or product description?
– Maybe people don’t have the time to buy it?
– Maybe nobody trusts it?
– Maybe people can’t see the price? Or not easily?
– …

When something is nagging at you, take the time to brainstorm beyond the first travesty that comes to mind. The first thought is a worst case scenario. Our brains are wired to jump to drastic conclusions so we can mitigate disasters.

Our brains are not geared toward probabilities, nor benign outcomes.

If you’re at a loss, ask someone else for suggestions.

Chances are you’ll find an alternate explanation that feels more realistic and better represents reality when all is said and done.

You’ll give yourself a real sense of relief.