It’s not more efficient

99% of the time when someone asks you what the most efficient way to do something is, you respond with the way you’re used to doing things. We all do this.

For example, if you ask me what the most efficient way to type an email is, I’m likely to tell you gmail. That’s because I use gmail every day.

I guess there’s some truth to that because well, if I don’t know any other way then it would take me longer to do it another way. At least the first time.

It’s important to know though that our preferences are largely a function of our familiarity, and that we tend to substitute questions about efficiency for questions of preference.

If someone asks you what’s the most efficient, you’re most likely going to answer with what you prefer. When is the last time you measured things–with statistical significance–before answering a question like this?

Most of the time, when people ask us what’s most efficient, they’re really asking for our preference anyways, so there’s not much harm in our reply.

But, keep this in mind when efficiency truly matters.