Mediating Purpose

Mediating communication can be perilous to effective communication. When two people communicate through a third, the message is guaranteed to be altered to say the least and often quite distorted, amid other concerns.

Purpose and subjective value are what drive us to make decisions that lead to action.

Mediating purpose, unlike mediating communication, only requires two people to wreck similar havoc. All it takes is the individual that holds the keys to purpose and value, deciding what action is best suited. This first hop from purpose to action happens in his or her mind. The second hop happens when they delegate the action to someone else to carry out, without conveying any shred of purpose behind the decision that led to the action.

Of course, mediated purpose, like mediated communication, exponentially suffers as it’s sliced, diced and delegated to subsequent individuals. Each hop scrambles things further.

Delegating purpose is one way to unscramble things.