Not even the worst of things last

It doesn’t matter how good things get, or how bad they become. After six months at most, your mind will revert to a mean level of happiness.

Lose your job or win the lottery? Same impact on happiness in the long haul. 

That means that no matter what happens in life you can take solace in knowing  that the new reality will quickly become the status quo. What disturbs you now won’t disturb you soon enough.

Simply put, you get used to things. Both good and bad things. They blend in to the fabric of who you are. 

Knowing this is an incredibly powerful tool.

For example, if you’re taking a big risk just remind yourself that even if things go horribly wrong, you’ll find happiness soon enough.
If you have a major life change, like moving across the country, you’ll quickly get over it. 

Unfortunately this applies to good things too. Like when you finally have enough money saved to buy that fancy car you’ve always wanted. In a year’s time it’ll just be your car. 

But, I’m happy to lose the good with the bad.