Procrastination is key for organization

Just getting everything moved into a new home is enough of a burden that some people give up at this point. They don’t bother with a concerted effort to unpack boxes.

Instead, they wait until something is needed to rip apart boxes.

These people often have countless unpacked boxes that their children have to rummage through the day after their funeral!

The opposite end of the spectrum is the OCD person that spends a month (or more) getting everything just right.

Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum is probably the healthy place to be.

It’s far easier, and more efficient, to know where to put things after you’ve been using your new home for a while.

This is true for a number reasons:

  1. You can put things away one at a time as you use them, often by colocating items where you use them!
  2. After you’ve used the space you don’t have to imagine how you might use the space.
  3. You can evolve how you use your home–making slight, daily tweaks.
  4. You’re going to buy new things along the way that you won’t know about on day one.
  5. You’re going to discard things you can’t possibly imagine discarding initially.
  6. Etc

In summary, on day one you only have your imagination which is inherently myopic when rushed, unless you want to spend a lot of time upfront!

If you organize along the way you can do so based on real needs, not imagined.