Quality is a misnomer

Quality is a misnomer. Often what we’re talking about is the status quo.

Take for example a book versus an online course (video). Online courses like provided by lynda.com

When it comes to books, there’s a high bar. Most books are polished. By and large devoid of typos.

When it comes to videos, this is a whole new domain. There aren’t that many rigid expectations.

Expectations are likely aligned with attending a presentation. Or, having a casual conversation. In these arenas, ums, ahs, pauses, etc tend to go unnoticed. Unless the content is lacking.

Different expectations are a good thing; we’re seeing video coverage of topics that would never be given the time of day with a book. I wouldn’t try to change this, in fact, I think it’s worth exploiting.

Many of the experts I learn from–when I go back and analyze their presentations–make tons of “mistakes.” But they’re not mistakes because they don’t get in the way of my learning. I don’t even notice them unless I’m looking for them. Success, not perfection.

When it comes to the level of quality I put into something, I consider the context and what I hope to gain. As well as what I hope to create.

Let’s not create rules that shut out valuable instruction.

Likewise in other domains, what expectations do you have that might be too high, that are stopping you from doing something wonderful?