Stop Watching the Local News

I turned on the news last night only to be barraged by a laundry list of atrocities. A home explosion, a MOAB dropped in Afghanistan, protests, a judge found dead in the Hudson, four teenagers brutally murdered, NYC officers complicit in helping a suspect escape custody, a guy got stung by a scorpion on a United flight from Texas to Canada, more details about the guy that was drug off a United flight this week. The first positive story wasn’t reported until after ten minutes of carnage. And then the carnage mostly resumed for another 20 minutes before getting to the weather.

I’ve noticed as of late that the local news tends to only report on bad things that happen. It’s as if all they look for these days is violence.

You find what you look for in life.

If you routinely tune in to this then your outlook is going to be abysmal. Even though there’s just as much good in the world, you’ll believe the opposite.

What do you want to find? What should you be listening to, to help you find it? What should you turn off?