What to do after learning

When’s the last time you acknowledged you completed a learning challenge? When’s the last time you feel you completed a learning challenge? Most of the time learning fizzles from burn out. Usually because there’s not a clear objective nor benefit

What if learning were tactical? In and out with clear objectives and visible success.

To get there, you’ll need to refine your technique. To do that, you’ll have to reflect on your technique. Once you become intentional about ending a learning investment, use the following to reflect.


What were the actual benefits? How do they compare to benefits outlined in your learning objectives? What was unexpected? Was it worth it?

What will you forget

Ask yourself what you’re likely to forget. What can you do in the future to avoid learning things you’ll likely forget? Would it be worth avoiding? You’ll always experience some level of decay.


Was your technique appropriate? For example, did you get too detailed? Or not detailed enough? Did you have to change techniques?

Are you uncovering a situation that might demand new techniques? What are your learning techniques?