What your customer isn’t telling you: additional opportunities

If you look at any job listing, you’ll see that people focus more on skills and tasks than on results and outcomes. It’s human nature to put things into buckets and people tend to be put into buckets based on skills.

Your customers see you in a bucket too. Just like their employees.

It’s possible you have other skills they’re unaware of. It’s possible there are many things you can help them accomplish. But your customer isn’t aware.

Every day opportunities arise, opportunities you can knock out of the ballpark. Your customer isn’t telling you about them because they don’t see those opportunities in your bucket.

You have to seek out these opportunities. You have to build up the size of your bucket. And whatever you do you should never seek to shrink the size of your bucket, your customer will already do that without your help.

You shouldn’t be defined by the skills you currently possess. You should be defined by what you can accomplish.