Why you say yes when you want to say no

Be wary of your feelings, they often take the wheel and lead you to say yes when you need to say no.

Funny story, yesterday, I was on the subway on my way to see a friend, the train stopped at 5th AVE and 53rd street. I’m new to the city so I’m still learning the ropes. At the last minute, before the doors were about to close I thought “this is my stop!” I jumped off the train, took 3 steps, and realized that it wasn’t my stop.

Realizing I needed to get back on the train ASAP, I felt a sense of hesitation that I shouldn’t get back on because I’ll look like an idiot. I’ve felt this before so I knew I needed to ignore it and get back on the train. In a split second I had to tell my ego NO, it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes you need to say NO first and deal with the repercussions later. My bruised ego quickly repaired itself. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait for the next train.