You are delusional


  • Act as if people are watching you, when nobody is paying attention.
  • Have anxiety about an airplane crashing, and don’t think twice about hopping on a motorcycle.
  • Talk to people that are dead, loved ones, and it comforts you.
  • Are an expert, yet feel insecure and speak with reservations.
  • Are a novice, yet speak with certainty and confidence.
  • Think the stranger that bumped into you is out to ruin your day.
  • Swear that you’re right and the other person is wrong, while they feel the same way. And you both have no idea how each other perceive the situation.
  • Believe blame is important.
  • Think that other drivers aren’t paying attention, and don’t know how to drive, but you do. Meanwhile they feel the same way about you.
  • Answer questions that you have no knowledge about, and you do it without skipping a beat.
  • Think you’re rational, and everyone else isn’t.
  • Think calling out hypocrisy is an insult.
  • Pursue your ideal of fairness, whilst trampling countless others.

We’re all delusional. That’s the beauty of being a sentient being.

Delusions aren’t inherently bad, the key is to avoid unskillful delusions. Just like it’s also important to avoid unskillful realities.

What are some of your delusions? Which of them are counter-productive and which are productive?