You don’t need certainty that it won’t ever happen again.

I ran into someone at the gym tonight when walking past the machine they were working out at.

I felt bad and apologized. It was apparently enough for that person, as I imagine an apology is often enough for the occasional bump at the gym.

But this had me thinking, there are plenty of times when we refuse to accept such an apology. Instead, we’re certain the person isn’t apologetic or that we need certainty it’ll never happen again.

But do we really need to know it’ll never happen again? If anything is certain in life, the occasional encumbrance will happen each and every day.

A perspicacious perspective tells us that what we need is control over how we react when we’re bumped, if we hope to be happy. Bumps are a certainty, our attitude doesn’t have to be.

So, the next time you’re bumped, take pride in accepting the apology and smiling. Bring some laughter to the situation.

By all means, if the person is stumbling belligerently, say something. Otherwise, the only belligerence is the person that’s bumped that doesn’t know how to control their mouth.

Don’t demand a plan of action to ensure it never happens again. It doesn’t take a savant to realize this is the childish behavior worth reproach.