Don’t overthink it – believe in your body 

Growing up my schools had skate nights. I spent most of my time outside of the rink eating junk food and playing the games.
When I stepped into to rink, I clinged to the wall and the handrails. I rarely ventured out to the fast lane.  And if I did it was never at a fast pace.
I vaguely remeber being picked on for not being able to rollerskate. And I definitely didn’t believe in myself.
Tonight Jonathan and I went ice skating. My first time.
The first lap around I held onto the side, pulling myself along. Round two I stepped a few feet away and didn’t let myself hold on to the side. Rounds 3+ I worked on getting speed.
I was pleasantly surprised. Leading up to tonight I thought I’d just hold the side the whole time. But I didn’t.
All I told myself was that my body and subconscious will balance me if I just give them a chance. And don’t overthink it. 
Our bodies can do just about anything we ask of them. So long as we give it a try.
What have you held back from? Could it be you just need to have faith that your body can do its job?