What do you think of you? 

What do you think of yourself?

When something goes wrong, how do you feel about you? 

When something goes well, how do you feel about you? 

When things are just going, how do you feel about you? 

Quite often you’re hard on yourself unnecessarily. It’s rare for another person to judge you as much as you judge yourself.

That can be good if it helps you avoid hurting others repeatedly.

But more often than not it isn’t helpful to judge yourself. Quite the opposite it’s often counterproductive. 

Can you list a few ways that you’ve held yourself back by relishing in self judgement? 

Let go of judging yourself while doing this, instead try to observe yourself without judgement. As if you’re observing another person. It’s ok if you feel then need to judge too, that’s normal! 

Try saying “judgement” if you notice that happen. Maybe laugh a bit at the irony. See how that feels.