Don’t waste time reviewing notes after a meeting

We all face meetings and we all like to keep notes. Speciously it seems like a good idea to distill those notes after the fact and type them up from the ones you wrote down. I’ve done this myself for many years. While the exercise holds value in revisiting what was said, I’ve long inveighed the tedium and futility of typing up notes for meetings that never take the next step, for example a prospect that doesn’t pan out. Or the piles of notes that never are referred back to.

So instead of distilling written notes into digital notes. Or summarizing your notes. Just file them away either digitally or physically. In the digital case, keep in mind you can take a picture of notes with a tool like Evernote or you can quickly scan them. Do this knowing when the time is right you can revisit your notes if you feel compelled to do so. At which point, it’s worth the time to sit down and think about them. Don’t spend time doing something that may never need to have been done, do it when it needs done.