Perfection is insecurity

Perfection is by definition a never-ending pursuit. Perfection necessitates a lack of an objective standard. The pursuit of perfection assumes that one is not yet good enough. And never will be good enough. Perfection is infinity, it’s unobtainable.

The only reason one would seek perfection, as opposed to good enough, is that they don’t have a standard and they’re too insecure to determine what good enough means. Or they’re too insecure to admit that good enough is good enough.

For example, I can write this blog post and share an idea with you. I can write it once, click publish, and move on with my life. Or I can endlessly doubt what I’ve wrote and continue to “perfect” it. Good enough is getting the idea across, perfection would mean I never write another thing because I spend the rest of my life trying to “improve” what I’ve written here.

I’ll never find words that convey my point any better than I have above, so with this idea I leave you to contemplate and see how it applies to pursuits in your own life.

Seek Good Enough, seek Success, abandon the pursuit of Insecurity. If you’re insecure, then you should build your self-confidence instead of endlessly perfecting what you do.