Expectations have to change too

When making changes to how we do things, sometimes the net effect feels wrong and so we implicitly assume it’s wrong, and won’t work, and we abandon change that could’ve been for the better.

For example, maybe you’re used to revising emails four or five times to make them “perfect.” 

Nevermind it takes you twenty minutes–no joke–to compose a simple request. 

So the first time you try to “type it once” and send it, it might not look like what you expect, what you’re used to. So you’ll feel the urge to revert to pedantry. 

When making material modifications remind yourself that things won’t look or feel like you expect and that will throw you off at first.

 And that’s ok but be prepared to catch your intransigent self from sabatoging your own success. 

Think: “at first this will feel awry”

Then ask yourself “is it really? Really? Really is it bad?”

Chances are it’s fine, perhaps better, definitely sufficient. And you’ve now kept old habits and insecurity from holding you back.