Things that matter, just like boomerangs, come back

I constantly have ideas for what I’d like to work on next with my business. I often email myself late at night so I don’t forget that brilliant idea that I just had.

But the thing is, most of my ideas aren’t new. I’m rehashing ideas I’ve already had. Ideas that I’ll have yet again.

Anything that matters will resurface.

If you have an idea that you just have to do, you’ll have that idea a second time. And probably a third, fourth and fifth.

If it doesn’t resurface then it wasn’t worth doing.

This is a fundamental law of nature. And it’s a law we should extrapolate into other areas of life. For example:

If you think something shouldn’t be done, and it’s not negligent to ignore it, then ignore it.

Shred the todo list. Scratch it off. Archive the email. Get rid of it.

Just like a boomerang, it will come back.

You’ll find much peace of mind if you remind yourself of this when you’re fretting over a mountain of work you don’t want to do.