Try resolutions you don’t like to find cause 

When problem-solving, especially alone, if you’re stuck you should try looking at resolutions you don’t like. What biases do you have?

It is possible you’re avoiding wonderful tools to ascertain the cause of the problem simply because you don’t like those tools as a resolution to the problem.

It’s plausible though, to use something you don’t like to find a way to fix something you do like. 

For example, let’s say I have a problem with a website, it won’t load. I may be on a Mac and also have access to a Windows machine.

Let’s say I don’t like Windows. 

I may not try to load the site on the Windows machine because I dont like Windows and would never dream of using it. Also I might assume it probably won’t load on windows anyways. 

Or I may not even think about the other machine because I despise it and am not used to using it. 

But, if I use Windows I may find the site loads perfectly fine. After which I may realize the problem is specific to my Mac which reduces where I need to look to find the cause and thus resolution. 

What biases do you have? How can you use them to your advantage to find cause without needing them in the resolution?