All hypocrisy isn’t equal 

It’s easy in life to find hypocrisy. Especially in politics when you are out to dismantle the opposition. 

People are inherently hypocritical, all of us, because each situation and individual’s perspective dictates what matters. We simply hold too many beliefs to reconcile all of them. 

For example, what is food versus a pet. We have no real reason to designate the way we do other than that’s just the way things are. I personally have no problem remaining a hypocrite in this regard.

Another example is how one can be pro-life and pro-capital punishment. Because taking a life to save a life matters more than taking a life, or people believe in an eye for an eye. Whatever the reason. Yet with abortion life matters more. Sometimes more so than the mother’s life for some people. 

No judgement here, just observation where I use a limited perspective to highlight a supposed contradiction.

I can do this with any belief, including my own. I especially enjoy the ways in which I’m a hypocrite because I can learn a lot about what I value and when I might want to change what I value.

What’s fascinating is that we’re all ready to call out a hypocrite in a heated debate. I often see this being more of an ad hominem. Aha – I got you now you filthy hypocrite!!! 

Yet in any meaningful debate there will be an opportunity to call all participants a hypocrite.

And that’s fine. I have no problem accepting that to have an opinion necessitates the occasional antimony. 

What I find valuable is that some hypocrisy is counter-productive and some is productive. I hope I lean more toward the latter in my own beliefs.

For example, if I yell at a biker pedaling on the sidewalks of New York and then the next day I’m that guy biking on the sidewalk and I’m offended when someone gripes at me. 

That’s not so helpful, probably just funny.

Next time you call someone a hypocrite ask if it has to do with the substance of their belief or if it’s just a cheap shot. The latter won’t accomplish much beyond frustration.